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What subscriptions will be available?

Subscriptions with BootayBag are separated into two different clubs, The Set Club and The Undies Club. Within each club there are two options for members to select from. The Set Club contains an Essential Set and Lingerie Set option. The Undies Club

What benefits are included as a member?

Becoming a member unlocks a variety of benefits to provide an elevated experience for those who join the club. Discounted pricing is a benefit members will immediately have access to. Additionally, they will receive free shipping on all their monthly

What is the Set Club?

Set Club members will receive a monthly order of a bralette and undie. There are two options members can choose from, The Essential Set and The Lingerie Set. Lingerie Set: Delicate fabrics and accentuating silhouettes. New designs every order. This m

What is the Undie Club?

Undie Club members will receive a monthly order of just undies. There are two options members can choose from, 1 Pair or 2 Pair. 2 Pair: Members will receive both the pairs we created for the month, an Essential pair and a Lingerie pair. 1 Pair: Memb

Can I pick which pair of undies I get in the 1 Pair Undie Club Membership?

As a mystery membership, members will be able to preview the 2 pairs available for the month to have an idea of what style they may receive. They also can swap to a specific Set or the 2 pair club at any time to grab exactly what they are looking for

Can I choose between Always Thong or Never Thong?

Our Set Club members can choose from the Essential Set or the Lingerie Set and swap between the two based on their undie preference. When it comes to our Undie Club members, they can choose to receive both an Essential pair and a Lingerie pair (2 pai

What products will be available each month?

New theme, styles and collection are created each month. These drop on the 1st at 11 am EST. Customers can shop from our monthly collection which contains 2 matching sets (each consisting of a bralette + matching undie) as well as add-on products tha

What subscription will I receive now?

We are excited to offer a new variety of subscriptions, members will be moved into the following subscriptions:. 1 Pair Subscribers (Always Thong, Never Thong) > 1 Pair (Mystery). 2 Pair Subscribers (Always Thong, Never Thong, Mix It Up) > 2 Pair (Bo

When will these changes to my subscription take place?

Your subscription will change starting with your November 5th, 2022 order.

How will prepaid/gift subscriptions be affected?

Prepaid subscriptions will be adjusted similarly to current subscription members:. 1 Pair Subscribers (Always Thong, Never Thong) > 1 Pair (Mystery). 2 Pair Subscribers (Always Thong, Never Thong, Mix It Up) > 2 Pair (Both Pairs). If you have questio

Why did the price of the 2 pair increase?

We are excited to add a Lingerie Set to our subscription offering. This luxury set is a high-quality design that results in a different price than the Essential Set. As our 2 pair undies subscription contains 1 Essential Pair and 1 Lingerie Pair, the

What can I “add on” to my subscription?

Add ons are one time purchases that you can include in your monthly order. Items you can add include the monthly bralettes and other collection items, as well as items from previous months (if available). Undies are only available through a subscript