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How do gift subscriptions work?

By purchasing a gift subscription, the 1st order of undies will be processed immediately. If you'd like to keep the 1st order a surprise, make sure to put your address for shipping at checkout. Once you gift them their first bag, you can change the a

What if the gift subscription order is for the wrong size/style?

If the size or style on a gift subscription is incorrect we'd be happy to change it for future orders. Simply contact our Care Team and we can make those adjustments. Please note, the Matching set is not available as a Gift Subscription option.

Can add ons, like bralettes, be sent with the gift subscription?

During checkout of your Gift Subscription we will recommend the current featured bralette to add to the 1st bag. After that, if the receiver of the gift subscription would like to add an item to their next bag, they will need to reach out to Customer

Why does a Gift Subscription show as cancelled?

Since the gift subscription is a one time purchase, it will show as cancelled because we won’t be renewing the charge. All the months that were paid for will still be sent out and you can see this via the Future Orders tab.

The Gift Subscription is on my account, how can I move it to their own account?

Our Care Team would be happy to create a separate account for the Gift Subscription. To have an account created, the receiver will need to put their card on file for the orders to continue to process. In creating an account the receiver can view what