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Subscription Basics

What are the benefits of subscribing?

Subscribing unlocks a variety of benefits to provide an elevated experience for those who become members. Discounted pricing is a benefit that members will immediately have access to. Additionally, they will receive free shipping on all their monthly

What subscription options are there?

We offer multiple subscription options for our members, they are broken down into our Matching Set Clubs and our Undies Clubs. Within each club there are two options to select from. The Matching Set Clubs contains an Essential Set and Lingerie Set op

Is there a commitment with my subscription?

No commitment at all!. Swap, Skip or Cancel at any time. Swapping- Members have the flexibility to swap between subscription options each month. Loving the Lingerie Set this month? swap into this subscription instead. Wanting just the undies? swap in

Can I add preferences to my subscription?

At this time we do not have a way for members to set specific preferences to their subscription i.e., no thongs or no lace. However, members can swap between subscriptions each month to grab what they prefer, or skip an order entirely if they do not

How do I access my account?

For the security of our members, we use 2-step authentication when logging in.  When you log in, a one-time code will be sent to the email address associated with your subscription. Simply click here and enter the email address used when you purchase

Do you have a rewards program?

Absolutely! We have a vast rewards program for our subscribers. Unlike typical point based reward programs, we take the hassle out of getting rewarded. There is no sign up or redemption required. Rewards will be automatically sent to you via email on

What if I don’t like the collection this month?

Good news- you can skip your order entirely or simply grab a one time item from the current or a previous collection!. If you'd like to grab a one time time, log in and simply add to your order the item you'd like to purchase. Once added, simply skip

When can I expect my monthly order to arrive?

You can expect monthly orders to arrive around the 22nd-25th.