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How does the subscription work?

We curate a collection of 4 undies and at least 1 bralette each month. Based on your subscription type, we will send you the corresponding pieces after processing your monthly order on the 5th. 

When you sign up, you will select what subscription you’d like (don’t worry! You aren’t committed to that option and can swap at any time). First you will pick a quantity and then you’ll select your style. Select from 1 pair, 2 pairs or 4 pairs a month. After selecting the quantity, pick from Always Thong, Never Thong or a mix of both in our Mix It Up option. If you are wanting more than just undies you have two options. You can add on bralettes to your undie subscription or you can select our Matching Set subscription instead which includes 1 undie and 1 bralette. 

Subscriptions are customizable each month, depending on what pieces you like in our collection you can swap between styles and sizes to make your BootayBag perfect for you.

The month’s collection is released to members 48 hours before the 1st of the month in our “Style Drop”. We notify members via email, sms (if opted in) and on Instagram.

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