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Do you have a rewards program?Updated a year ago

Absolutely! We have a vast rewards program for our subscribers.

Unlike typical point based reward programs, we take the hassle out of getting rewarded. There is no sign up or redemption required. Rewards will be automatically sent to you via email once earned. Members can earn rewards for various events (# of months as a member, $ spent on a single order, etc). Once you’ve hit a reward we will either send a discount code or notification of a free gift coming in your upcoming order. 

Check out some ways you’ll earn rewards:

  • Membership Milestones
  • BB Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Every 4 Consecutive Purchases
  • Spend $100 in one order
  • Purchase an entire month's collection

Applying a Discount Code: Once you have your discount code, copy it and apply it to your account by signing in and clicking the "Add Discount" button

When will I receive my rewards?

Discounts will be sent after an event has been completed. For example, if when we process your order on the 5th it’s your 4th consecutive purchase, you can expect an email within 24 hours.

Anniversary rewards are sent on the date that you signed up so it will vary.

Birthday rewards are sent on the day of your birthday. If you haven't received your birthday reward, we may not have your birthdate in our system! Sign up for our birthday club here.

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