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Is there a commitment with my subscription?Updated a year ago

No commitment at all!

Swap, Skip or Cancel at any time.

Swapping- Members have the flexibility to swap between subscription options each month. Loving the Lingerie Set this month? swap into this subscription instead. Wanting just the undies? swap into the 1 or 2 pair option. The choice is up to you.

Skipping- As a monthly subscription, you have the option to skip a monthly order when needed. Check out our FAQ on how to skip to learn more.

Cancel- We'd hate to see you go but when you are ready to cancel you can do so with a click of a button. Check out our FAQ on how to cancel to learn more.

*All changes to subscriptions must be made by the 4th of the month by 11:59 CST to take effect on the upcoming monthly order. 

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